Integration to Campus-Wide Login via Shibboleth

Title: Integration to Campus-Wide Login via Shibboleth

Presenter: Hari Mailvaganam, Senior Programmer Analyst, UBC IT

Description: Shibboleth is an open-source architecture and implementation for direct and federated authentication. It allows websites to make authorization decisions for access of protected online resources in a privacy-preserving manner. Many open source and vendor applications are Shibboleth enabled.

Shibboleth can be used to allow the UBC community to authenticate directly via Campus-Wide Login (CWL) to protected online resources. If required, Shibboleth can be leveraged to allow access for users from other Canadian universities via federated authentication.

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One Response to Integration to Campus-Wide Login via Shibboleth

  1. Martha Teate says:

    Very good overview of Shibboleth. It is helpful for the UBC community to be made aware that the ability to use the tool aligned with CWL is available to them.

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