Digital Tattoo: What’s Yours?

Title: Digital Tattoo: What’s Yours?

Presenters: Trish Rosseel, Teaching and Learning Librarian, UBC Library
Jennifer Goerzen, Digital Tattoo Coordinator
Darren Fleet, Digital Tattoo Coordinator

Description: Digital Tattoo is an initiative designed to help students make informed choices about how they manage their online reputations. With the advance of Web 2.0 technologies, students are shaping identities online more and more. Digital Tattoo gives students the tools they need to navigate the wired world: how to avoid identity theft, maintain their privacy, and use the Internet to their advantage both for school and on the career front. In its second year, this project has two new partner institutions, and is developing a new module on everything students need to know as publishers in the online environment.

Digital Tattoo is supported by UBC Access and Diversity, Career Services, Office of Learning Technology, Student Development, Library, Writing Centre, University of Victoria Continuing Studies, and Thompson Rivers University Open Learning.

Resources: You can view the Digital Tattoo PowerPoint presentation on YouTube here

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