Virtual Welcome Session for First Year Students

Title: Virtual Welcome Session for First Year Students

Presenters: Wally Mitchell, International Student Coordinator, Sauder School of Business
Natalie Tole, Program Assistant, Sauder School of Business
Rob Peregoodoff, Manager, Learning Technologies, Sauder School of Business

Description: Leveraging the existing UBC-enterprise installation of Wimba Live Classroom with Vista, the Sauder Undergraduate Office ran a pilot program of offering to first year students the option of attending the “Meet the First Years” Session virtually in a webinar environment. There were three sessions conducted, involving a total of over 40 students. Sessions were physically conducted from the meeting room of the undergraduate office and the webinar was hosted in the recently launched Vista BCom portal for approximately 2500 Sauder BCom students, and is archived for students to review if required. There were many lessons learned in this pilot, but by all accounts it was a very successful trial and the office is looking forward to expanding this service offering for students to other presentations offered by the Academic Advising office.

This presentation will take interested UBC staff through the design, testing, implementation, and review phases to share good practices.

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