Clinical e-Portfolios for Practice Development

Title: Clinical e-Portfolios for Practice Development

Presenters: Bernie Garrett, Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Cathryn Jackson, Instructor, School of Nursing
Maura MacPhee, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Description: This presentation will demonstrate the outcomes of our 2008-2009 TLEF funded project to develop, implement and evaluate an e-portfolio for clinical practice for our nursing students here at UBC. This new web-based resource is designed to help support faculty with all aspects of evaluating students in clinical practice and help students contextualize and record their experiences and development. There are currently limited electronic resources to support clinical learning in the practice setting, and to help contextualize and embed clinical knowledge in the workplace. A technical solution has been developed to provide web-based tools to enable students to complete and log their clinical activities remotely, and keep all of their clinical experience data in one electronic portfolio. The portfolio is also accessible by faculty and clinical instructors to enable them to record student achievements, comment on student reflective journal entries, and review practicum placement history.

The clinical e-portfolio makes good use of the networked capabilities of the medium facilitating meta-links to be made between reflective journals, competency requirements, professional standards and guidelines and evaluations.

Our presentation will include a live demonstrate of the Practice e-Portfolio, and give details of our evaluation of the system, (which was introduced in 2009) in use to date.

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